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We are a team of creative and passionate minds on a relentless pursuit of perfection. Our ultimate aim is to break the conservative perspective of landscaping being an afterthought in construction.
By using elements that directly affect the emotions of the function of a building, we aim to reveal the true purpose of each project in a way that creates an aura of peace.
We are of the thinking that a well-designed landscape is the only approach to creating a relationship between the outside and the inside in a manner that speaks to your true senses.
Understanding the language of each landscape guides us in making a deliberate effort in creating spaces that make you feel the story of each specific project.
Our design team sees each task as an opportunity to create a space to be multifunctional without purposefully appearing to do so.
It is not so much about what plant or feature to use. It is more about putting the perfect plant and feature at the right point in the landscape.

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of professional gardening

We are involved in every aspect of making sure you receive the utmost quality and lawn care services to earn your continued loyalty. We provide a quality work environment and our experienced and trained personnel combine proven horticultural practices with new technologies to stay ahead of our competition.

Brix Landscaping prides itself on developing and maintaining a picture-perfect landscape for all of our customers.


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Are you in need of an affordable and reliable lawn care service? Ghana-based Brix Landscaping service provides the highest quality lawn care and landscaping services to Ghana and surrounding cities. If you want to increase your property’s curb appeal and have a healthy-looking lawn, then we’re here for you.

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