Homeowners will often put off selling their homes because of various defects like roofs that need repair, old electrical systems, and other problem-areas that reduce the true value of the home.

When selling a home, one area that should not be neglected is the landscaping because it can often mean the difference between a great or terrible first impression.

Poor landscaping can make it much more difficult to secure a quick sale on a home because first impressions are so important. According to an article published on, one of the first things potential buyers notice about a house is dead plants in the yard.

“Your home’s first impression starts with the exterior, so take a good look at what you’re presenting to the world: What’s the first thing you notice? If it’s peeling paint, dirty windows, and dead plants, you have work to do…”

Even if the exterior of the house looks solid and it has brand new elements, bad landscaping can make it really tough to secure a good first-impression.

At the very least, hiring a lawn mowing service can help you overcome a lawn that has become messy and tangled with weeds. Your lawn doesn’t need to look perfect when you sell your home, but having an amazing exterior can definitely make it easier to secure quick offers.


If the roof on your house isn’t brand new, and the paint isn’t sparkling fresh, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, you can actually compensate for a less-than-perfect exterior with some amazing landscaping. Putting a new roof on your house could cost tens of thousands of cedis. You can usually get your Ghana lawn service to improve your landscaping for much less.

You can even dress up the exterior of your home with some timely potted plants. You might place a few poinsettias on your front porch if you decide to sell your home. A few baskets of petunias might beautify your home if you decide to list it.

Tip: After getting your yard cleaned up and trimmed, you can add some simple touches to your landscaping with items like new doormats and new lawn ornaments. Don’t forget to put your gardening tools back in the garage or in your shed, too. Sometimes, all it takes is some simple landscape maintenance and cleaning around the exterior of your home to create a terrific first impression.


The easiest way to get the exterior of your home in tip-top shape is to hire a lawn maintenance service before you try to sell your home. However, you can perform some maintenance on your own before the professionals take over.

One of the first tasks you’ll want to accomplish is the removal of anything that’s dead or fallen. A half-dead tree with broken branches should be removed. Piles of leaves that have accumulated over the year should be raked up and used as mulch or recycled. Grass should be trimmed, and bushes should be clipped, so they’re not shaggy and overgrown.


A great lawn and beautiful landscaping are two of the best ways to make potential buyers excited about buying your home. Before they ever see the inside, they’ll see your landscaping, so it’s essential to make sure it looks fantastic before you list your home for sale.

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